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One of those blasted personal blogs. Recommended for use by people who like pictures of various periods of history, sickeningly cute animals, people in suits, and/or boring text posts by teenagers. Or, I suppose, people who like the drawings and doodles I post occasionally, but that's so improbable I hardly think it's worth mentioning. (I also make a lot of bad jokes.)
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"You are [Platoon], an anxious foot soldier on the battlefield of life, seeking to avoid danger and preserve your security." - What Movie Are You Quiz

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Took a bunch of candles from my church’s Christmas service because I am CRIMINAL

But my friend you left so early! Surely something slipped your mind… You forgot I gave these also! Would you leave the best behind?

Ive never laughed so hard at a post


Are all my characters just fat/skinny tall/short odd couples consisting of an orangey-colored, seemingly slow-witted and emotionally one-note, morally neutral character simultaneously balancing out the dangerously high evil levels and making fun of their nasty, socially maladjusted, bug-eyed, sharp-toothed friend who has a weird sense of fashion, two-toned hair and unusual feet?

No. Just like… 75% of them.

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Well, uh Hatred suddenly became a lot less funny! It was bad enough that the phrase "genocide crusade" of all things was used in that trailer. Everything is falling into place now. No wonder the game made me think of shithead Deviant Art nazis. 

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i did earthbound fanart for an open illustration assignment and no one called me out
ive been doing a lot of these but im only showing you this one for a while

more pbc work! i have drawn so many beefy doglike things for this job.

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update on my art history class:

today we talked about applebee’s sizzlin’ entrees for nearly 20 minutes.

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of course, this is also the class where there was a 15 minute discussion of “that tumblr aesthetic Pastel Goth” and another dude used an anime pinup of that girl from Chobits in his presentation on the female nude so why was I surprised??

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so here’s a surreal moment for you all:

my Art History class went to see a woman’s exhibition that was showing at our school to discuss it. It was partially a series of purposefully awkward music videos to put it in the most coarse terms possible

and after we saw it the professor said “it reminds me of, what was that video, the one about the girl with the shoes…?”

dead silence. quietly, i say “you mean… kelly…?”

and the professor goes “YES

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Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, 1931
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