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One of those blasted personal blogs. Recommended for use by people who like pictures of various periods of history, sickeningly cute animals, people in suits, and/or boring text posts by teenagers. Or, I suppose, people who like the drawings and doodles I post occasionally, but that's so improbable I hardly think it's worth mentioning. (I also make a lot of bad jokes.)
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"You are [Platoon], an anxious foot soldier on the battlefield of life, seeking to avoid danger and preserve your security." - What Movie Are You Quiz

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Half the skyline’s disappeared. Whatever’s after us… it’s spreading.
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this town ain’t big enough fer the two of us, stinky jack
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He’s the guy who’s the talk of the town with the restless gun don’t shoot broad out to fool him around keeps the varmints on the run, boy keeps the varmints on the run
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Man’s Anxiety Not About To Let Depression Muscle In On Turf

It me

hello friends it are i

oh hai

I always make sure to inform the cat that she is a sausage at least twice a day.

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yessssss our game will ignore SILLY THINGS LIKE THAT. what fun is an “only tall lean elfin humanoids” rule anyway there are already tall lean elfin humanoids in D&D and they’re called elves

GOOD. i need to fully realize the Worst Lamest Half-Dragon In All Creation

also i want you to know that that last sentence made me crack up

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[researches dnd half-dragons]

"Regardless of parentage, half-dragons always grow into tall, lean elfin humanoids"

"Only the metal dragons are capable of siring half-dragon offspring, chromatic dragons are incapable"

"Only male dragons can impregnate human females, female dragons cannot bear half-dragon half-human children"

hmmmm yes i see

[gently chucks rulebook into the dumpster]

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